April 1, 2024, (New York, New York) Welcome to TikTokToo.com. Please read this information.

This site and movie are a joke. It is art designed to trick you. This site and all the content (music, memes, movie, logos) are owned by Generic User Acquisition Organization, a New York limited liability company. You have a limited license to use and share this content. There may or may not be hidden messages (iteration, Binary code, phonetic jokes, ectara). We may send a further update about TikTokToo on May 14, 2024.

Secret Codes:

America. 2024 = boring. Be aloof.

Binary. Respect + humility. Be balanced.

China. 2024 = Freedom. Be checked.

Diss. Mark Zuckerberg = war criminal. Be divided.

Einstein. Wrong on relativity. Be imaginative.

Filters. Kids with parent only. Be fortified.

Geolocation. Keep bad guys out. Be grateful.

Harassment. Zero tolerance. Behave, be hope.

Instagram. Kills trees, but Alexa said so. Be intergalactic.

Joke. Icebreaker for epic compromise. Be judged.

King. Pray Charles and MM dine with fine wine. Be kind.

Lawyers. Expensive and annoying. Be liked.

Metaverse. Mark, VPNs blocked? Be meticulous.

No. 01101110 01101111. Be native to Earth.

Onion. Independent Fact Checking Network. Be Obama.

Petty. Biden or Trump? Be over already.

Queen. Taylor or Lana? Be a quitter.

Rumors? Tik Tok Too Treaty in Paris. Be regulated.

Stereotypes. New World Order with Swift. Be shook.

Trust. One user, one vote. Best trusted.

Ucayali. Secret treasure. Be understood.

V. Will be a cruel summer. Be victorious.

When. Crypto ends in USA January 19, 2038. Be weary.

X. Twitter. Be X.

Yes. Want to join? Be young.

Zuckerberg. Take a joke. Be Tik Tok Too.

TikTokToo The Movie

User Generated Content

THE END. By User 1.

Copywrite 2024. Generic User Acquistion Organization, a New York limited liability company. All rights reserved. We are not liable for any content posted or generated by users. If you watch this video, you agree not to sue us. Here is our email address if you want to contact us:

1010 1001010 1110101 1110010 1101001 1110011 1001101 1100001 1111000 1101001 1101101 1110101 1110011 1000000 1110000 1110010 1101111 1110100 1101111 1101110 101110 1101101 1100101


1 thought on “April 1, 2024, (New York, New York) Welcome to TikTokToo.com. Please read this information.”

  1. 纽约有限责任公司Generic User Acquisition Organization(孤傲)已公布了其全面“收购”TIK TOK美国业务的计划。该计划预定于2024年4月1日启动,并通过一系列“TIK TOK风格”的短片向公众展示。该公司表达了与TIK TOK合作的愿望,而非与其竞争。若无法成功收购TIK TOK的美国业务,该公司将转向其他商业领域。

    该公司网站tiktoktoo是该公司为了Joke目的而创建的,旨在以幽默的方式引发人们对互联网重要议题的思考。这些议题包括Deepfakes的普及、网络虚假信息的泛滥以及马克·扎克伯格的法律豁免权等。该公司制作的《TIK TOK Too》电影试图为解决这些问题提供思路。该公司为所有互联网用户提供了其内容的有限许可,并鼓励他们在所有社交媒体平台上分享这些内容。

    该网站还推出了一部以“Mr. Lee”为主角的病毒式电影,这个角色精通英语和中文,它试图打破与TIK TOK owners之间的僵局,展开对话。制作这部影片的公司希望在今夏能够与TIK TOK达成一致。

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